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Inspired 2 Uplift was founded by three determined Grade 12 students at MacNeill Secondary School in September of 2022-- Aidan, Farzan, and Ali. Having known each other for years and even attending elementary school together, they felt a deep disconnect with the students in their school's Life Skills program, one of the few dedicated programs in Richmond supporting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and a wider disconnect between youth and youth with disabilities.

Determined to make a change, the trio embarked on a challenging journey to start a program that would bring students with and without disabilities together. The founders faced many trials and tribulations, but with a strong sense of purpose and the support of the school community, they successfully launched the Inspired 2 Uplift's Buddy Program.

Within just a year, the Buddy Program had become one of the largest clubs at MacNeill, creating countless meaningful connections between students and volunteers, and offering personalized support to students with disabilities.

Inspired 2 Uplift and its members remain committed to continuing their mission of combating the stigma surrounding students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They hope to further expand by opening new chapters of its initiative at other institutions and going to more schools to teach about disabilities, while also helping shape their members into the leaders of tomorrow.

With a shared vision and determination, the future looks bright for Inspired 2 Uplift.

Meet the Founders 

Email: aidan@inspired2uplift.com


Hey there, I'm Aidan and I am one of the Co-Founders of Inspired 2 Uplift.

In my free time, you can find me doing a variety of things. I love playing sports, especially basketball and soccer. I'm also really into music and enjoy making my own beats and lyrics. One of my favorite hobbies is going on hikes with my family. I love the physical, yet mental challenge it provides. And of course, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and am constantly striving to learn more and grow in that field.

So, why did I start Inspired 2 Uplift? Well, I've always had a desire to help others. I know what it's like to face adversity and I wanted to create a platform where people could come together, share their stories, and lift each other up. Inspired 2 Uplift is a community that encourages and empowers individuals to find their own strength, and to spread positivity wherever they go.

In the future, I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur who uses my platform to continue supporting those facing adversity. I am excited to see what the future holds for Inspired 2 Uplift, and I can't wait to see the impact that we can make together.

Email: ali@inspired2uplift.com


Hi there, I'm Ali and I'm one of the Co-Founders of Inspired 2 Uplift.

I've always been passionate about social change-- whether it be volunteering with the homeless, running fundraisers, or raising awareness with Inspired 2 Uplift, you can probably find me doing something, somewhere!

In my spare time, I do a wide range of activities that have helped me become the person I am today. Technology is probably the area I indulge the most in, where I create my own games and Arduino machines, and tinker with electronics. I enjoy going to the gym, and am studying comparative religion and Mandarin. I'm be pursuing engineering in post-secondary!

Inspired 2 Uplift is probably the work I'm most proud of. I’ve dedicated so many hours to logistics, schedules, social media posts, meetings, interviews, and more but it is unlike anything I’ve ever done and it brings me so much pride and joy to be able to do this work and make such a positive change in my community.

I'm excited to see where I2U goes in the future! We have such an amazing and dedicated team so I know there is so much more for us in store.

Email: farzan@inspired2uplift.com


Hi, I'm Farzan, one of the Co-Founders of Inspired 2 Uplift. 

As a student, my passion lies in making a positive impact on others' lives. From a young age, my close connection with individuals with disabilities sparked my desire for meaningful change, leading me to help create I2U. Our organization serves as a platform to promote understanding, support, and advocacy for people with disabilities, fostering inclusivity within schools globally.

When I'm not dedicating my time to I2U, I engage in various activities that fuel my passion, including sports like basketball and soccer. These sports have been integral to my life, instilling teamwork and dedication. I'm also enthusiastic about technology and computers, continuously exploring new ways to expand my skills. Beyond personal interests, I actively contribute to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, teaching and motivating kids to pursue their passions and develop leadership skills. Being a positive role model, I strive to create a supportive and empowering environment for those around me.

Looking ahead, my goal is to grow as a strong and positive leader, leveraging my experiences to make a lasting impact on those facing adversity. Through I2U and future endeavours, I aim to foster empathy, inspire change, and create a more inclusive world.

I'm excited about the future of I2U and the opportunities ahead. Let's make a difference together! 

Meet Our Chapter Presidents 

Email: jessie@inspired2uplift.com


Hi there, I’m Jessie, one of the chapter presidents of Inspired 2 Uplift (MacNeill). 

In my own time, I find myself attracted to a range of activities, such as badminton and figure skating. Meanwhile, robotics has been one of my greatest commitments, something that I have spent days and nights on with my teammates. I also tend to join activities that require me to stay calm and patient (not always easy :D), like tutoring young kids, teaching skating with BC Special Olympics, etc.

I2U has made significant growth over the past year, and I am really honoured to be a part of its journey. When I came across I2U for the first time, its missions quickly appealed to me, and I felt no hesitation in joining the team. I firmly believe that diminishing gaps and stigma while bringing people together is an incredible effort that society needs. Overtime, it occurred to me that it has become my goal to improve people’s quality of life after being struck with sickness or disabilities. Assisted by my passion for STEM, I decide to pursue biomedical engineering in future education. 

It’s been a fascinating journey, and as a chapter president, I hope to carry on its missions in our community to the best of my ability. I’m excited to witness the potential awaiting I2U in the coming future! 

Together, we can make a difference~!

Email: rozelin@inspired2uplift.com


Hi, my name is Rozelin Menghis, one of the chapter presidents of Inspired 2 Uplift (MacNeill)!

During my leisure moments, I find joy in delving into mystery books and embracing novel experiences. My fascination with cooking is driven by the art of experimenting with flavours, crafting delectable dishes, and sometimes venturing into culinary experiments that may not always hit the mark. Connecting with family and friends is a cherished activity, as I firmly believe that genuine connections are nurtured through quality time spent together.

A year ago, if you asked me about my passions, I might not have had a definitive answer. But today, it's crystal clear: Inspired 2 Uplift. Being part of this journey has been a remarkable experience. Witnessing the founders' dedication to evolving the club into a comprehensive program has been enlightening, shaping me into the leader I am today.  Among the highlights of Inspired 2 Uplift, the buddy program takes the crown. Establishing friendships and connections with students facing intellectual or developmental disabilities used to be quite challenging. Nevertheless, thanks to the buddy program, I've had the opportunity to engage with captivating and enjoyable students whom I'm eager to learn more about.

Excitement fills me as I look forward to what lies ahead for I2U. With our exceptional team, the potential is limitless, and I can't wait to see what we can achieve together. Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Email: kelsie@inspired2uplift.com


Hey there! My name is Kelsie and I have the honor to be the Inspired 2 Uplift chapter president of Fruita Monument High School in Colorado, USA.

Outside of school, I can be found on the marching band blacktop, in the theatre tech loft, or at various kinds of orchestra rehearsals. Extracurriculars and schoolwork take up the vast majority of my time, but with the limited free time I do have, I enjoy spending it by creating art and volunteering with the children’s ministry on Sundays. I love helping people, and one of my favorite things that I’ve gotten to experience this year was working at a daycare over the summer with a bunch of lovely kids. 

One thing that significantly impacts my journey with Inspired 2 Uplift and disability inclusion is that I’m on the Autism Spectrum. I want to create a world where all kids are able to find a friend—regardless if they fit the social norm or not. The I2U Buddy Program is perfect for this! Friendships is something that everybody deserves to experience, and I’m so thankful that I’m able to bring this mission to Fruita Monument High School. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful and devoted people through Inspired 2 Uplift, and it’s my hope that others in my community will be able to as well. 

I’m looking forward to this upcoming year with Inspired 2 Uplift, and I’m incredibly thankful for all of the support and dedication I’ve found in my team as we try to make a difference. 

We are better together!

Email: david@inspired2uplift.com


Hey! My name is David and I am the founder and a co-president of Inspired 2 Uplift at Richmond Secondary.

Some things I really enjoy in my free time are sports, as well as hanging out with friends and going outdoors. I mainly play ultimate, but I also played a lot of badminton for fun when I was younger. More often than not, you can probably find me throwing a frisbee around at school or at Minoru. I also really enjoy going out with friends and enjoying nature, such as hiking or just watching the sunset during the summer.

I decided to found the Inspired 2 Uplift chapter in my school because I really love the feeling of completing a task that has a positive and lasting impact on the community, which is what I am hoping the club will do this year as well as in the future. After finding out about Inspired 2 Uplift, I immediately knew this would make a positive impact on my school’s community, which is where this all began.

I’m extremely excited to see where I2U goes in the future, and I am super grateful for the dedicated individuals we have within our school team, and look forward to seeing results in the near future.

Email: eric@inspired2uplift.com


Hello, I'm Eric Zhang, a chapter president of Inspired 2 Uplift at Richmond Secondary. 

The moment that truly ignited my enthusiasm was the experience of accompanying a friend with a disability to the gym. I owe it to him and all the others for their unimaginable efforts when life puts us down. Indeed, it resulted in the opportunity for me to showcase my dedication to inclusivity and meaningful change. To me, it underscored the importance of creating environments that are not only welcoming but also actively embrace diversity, reinforcing my belief in the power of small, yet impactful actions to bring about positive transformations in the local community. 

While in my own time, I enjoy living in the digital content creation world. I edit videos, graphic design, and use programs like Adobe After Effects, often making skits with my friends. It's great to be apart of the I2U team..