Spikeball Tournament

A few photos from our tournament!

Hey Ravens! Join us at Summer Fest for an epic Spikeball tournament!

Gather your team of 3 and get ready to compete! Fight against other teams for your chance to win $15 worth of Tim Hortons gift cards. Limited spots available, so come find us at the back field on June 23 to secure your chance to win!

And a massive congratulations to Kade, Nate, and Aydin for their exceptional victory in our thrilling Spikeball tournament! The spirited cheers, laughter, and friendly competition propelled this event forward. We are delighted to announce that all proceeds from the tournament will be dedicated to advancing our program, enabling us to expand our reach and impact more students throughout the district and beyond.

Thank you to all the participants who contributed to the success of this event. Your support is instrumental in making a positive difference. We look forward to your participation again next year!