Director Positions

Director of Internal Affairs

FOR AGES: 17-24

The Director of Internal Affairs is central to I2U's intricate operations, diligently overseeing global events, fundraisers, and the vital logistics department. They also provide unwavering leadership for the HR team, ensuring strict alignment with I2U's values and fostering a collaborative work environment. With a holistic approach to internal coordination, they bridge various departments, ensuring seamless communication and meticulous execution. This pivotal role demands strategic thinking, proficiency in event management and logistics, and a commitment to team development.

Director of External Affairs

FOR AGES: 17-24

The Director of External Affairs is in charge of marketing, outreach, and sponsorships for I2U. Tasked with developing comprehensive strategies and coordinating efforts across these domains, they will lead initiatives to ensure brand consistency, forge meaningful partnerships, and secure sponsorships. They will also monitor industry and community trends to position I2U prominently in external engagements. The ideal candidate possesses strong analytical skills, an adept understanding of contemporary marketing and outreach tools, and a profound commitment to I2U's mission.

Director of Chapter Affairs 

FOR AGES: 17-24

The Director of Chapter Affairs holds a pivotal position within Inspired 2 Uplift, overseeing the comprehensive management of the organization while providing strategic leadership to the Chapter Liaisons and Chapter Program Managers. In this multifaceted role, they are responsible for the smooth operation and growth of I2U chapters, working closely with chapter leaders to ensure alignment with the organization's mission and values. The ideal candidate possesses strong communication skills, and the ability to build meaningful relationships with chapter leaders.

External Positions

Social Media Manager

A girl scrolling through inspired2uplift's Instagram account

FOR AGES: 15-24

The Social Media Manager will be primarily responsible for posting and managing engaging content that aligns with our mission and objectives. The Social Media Manager will oversee all postings related to I2U Fundraisers & Events on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Monitoring engagement, understanding online trends, and fostering a sense of community by interacting with followers will be integral to this position. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, a firm grasp of analytics, and a passion for our mission.

Content Creator & Digital Marketer

FOR AGES: 15-24

The  Content Creator & Digital Marketer will focus on crafting disability-related advocacy content for digital platforms, with an emphasis on IG Reels and TikTok. They will design and execute innovative campaigns tailored for these platforms while ensuring alignment with I2U's vision. Beyond content creation, the role involves analyzing online engagement and adjusting strategies for optimal reach and impact. A deep understanding of online trends, proficiency in leveraging IG Reels and TikTok for engagement, and a commitment to our mission are essential for the ideal candidate.

Graphic Designer

FOR AGES: 15-24

The Graphic Designer will be instrumental in visually conveying I2U's mission and messaging through compelling graphics and designs. Responsible for creating both digital and print materials, this role requires proficiency in various design tools, with a notable emphasis on Canva. The ideal candidate will seamlessly blend creativity with the practicalities of branding guidelines, ensuring that all outputs resonate with our target audience while maintaining brand consistency. Familiarity with Canva's suite of tools, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for our mission are vital for success in this position.

Blog Writer 

: FOR AGES: 15-24

The Blog Writer will play a pivotal role in articulating and disseminating I2U's mission through written content. Tasked with crafting compelling, informative, and engaging blog posts, this individual will delve deep into the topics relevant to our organization, ensuring that each article resonates with our readers while promoting our core objectives. The ideal candidate will possess a unique voice, strong research skills, an ability to captivate audiences with storytelling, and a dedication to I2U's mission. proficiency in writtting is required for this listing

Internal Positions

Event Coordinator

FOR AGES: 15-24

The Event Coordinator at Inspired 2 Uplift plays a pivotal role in planning and executing impactful events that further the organization's mission of promoting kindness, empathy, and social change. They are responsible for designing and managing various events, from fundraisers to awareness campaigns, ensuring they align with I2U's goals. This role requires strong organizational skills, creativity, and the ability to collaborate effectively with teams and partners. The Event Coordinator contributes to creating engaging experiences that inspire positive change within I2U and the broader community.

Human Resource 

FOR AGES: 15-24

As the HR Coordinator at Inspired 2 Uplift, you will play a crucial role in onboarding new applicants and supporting the organization's existing members. This position involves handling inquiries, providing guidance to potential team members, and ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Your commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all applicants is essential. With strong interpersonal skills and a passion for I2U's mission, you will help build a diverse and dedicated team of individuals working together to make a positive impact.

Finance Head

FOR AGES: 15-24

The Finance Head at Inspired 2 Uplift is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the organization, ensuring responsible budgeting and financial management. This role involves managing budgets, tracking expenses, and exploring funding opportunities. The Finance Head collaborates closely with other team members to allocate resources effectively, supporting I2U's various initiatives. This position requires a keen eye for detail, financial knowledge, and a commitment to transparent and ethical financial practices. By becoming the Finance Head, you ensure the longevity of I2U.

Chapter Positions

Chapter Liaison 

FOR AGES: 18-24

This individaul would play a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships and ensuring effective communication between the central organization and its designated chapters. This position is crucial for the success and cohesion of I2U, as it involves providing guidance, support, and assistance to individual chapters to help them thrive in their local communities, schools, and other educational institutions. 

Chapter Program Manager

FOR AGES: 1-21

The Chapter Program Manager plays a pivotal role in designing and implementing engaging activities within the Buddy Program and I2U Connections for individual chapters. This position is responsible for fostering collaboration, providing valuable resources, and organizing regular meetings to facilitate strategic discussions among chapter leaders and their wider team of volunteers.

What Makes I2U So Special?

Inspired 2 Uplift operates under three core principles: respect, compassion, and empathy. This applies at all times to our relationships with the people that we advocate for, with each other, and with our wider community.

Our goal for Inspired 2 Uplift will always be to increase support and awareness for youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities, but it is our sincere hope that along with that, this program will serve as the start of each of your individual philanthropic journeys and be an all around great experience for everybody involved. We are all students of different backgrounds and ages, united by a shared passion for supporting the unheard, and we hope that through this initiative we can all play our part in leaving a positive lasting impact on our communities.

Each and every role is integral and no one role is more important than another. Everyone has an equal part in how this program is run and the direction this program will go in. Our individual roles are only for ease in delegation of duties and the efficient and effective use of our individual strengths, and are not necessarily stringent divisions. Therefore, if there is something that you’d like to do but it is outside your role, then we will support you. We welcome initiative, and we will surely reward and celebrate it. However, each role comes with its own duties and responsibilities and it is paramount that we attend to those duties first. It is only through the earnest effort of each and every one of you that this will thrive and succeed, so we should all strive to do our best.

Inspired 2 Uplift also aims to be a welcome and supportive environment for all its members. As per the nature of this program, we are required to embody positive characteristics, both in how we conduct ourselves and how we interact with others. Foul language, bullying, and harassment will not be tolerated. If this is something that you encounter, please tell a FounderCommunication is key– we cannot help if we don’t know what is wrong. Your safety, well-being, and peace of mind is of the utmost importance so if you are ever uncomfortable or feel unsafe then we will do everything in our power to right things and support you. Inspired 2 Uplift is also meant to coexist with your academic career, so in the case that your duties are negatively impacting your grades, please don’t hesitate to contact a Founder so that we can find a way to accommodate you and figure out the best path for all of us going forward.

We hope that, in the end, this program will cultivate your senses of respect, compassion, and empathy, and allow you new perspectives of the world around you. We hope that the experience you gain from this program will open up new opportunities for you, whether it be in university or anywhere else, and that this program will develop your present skills and introduce you to new ones. And most of all, we hope that this program will have had a hand in your development as a person and as a human being and that we all will have emerged as better, more mature, and more understanding people.